Work packages

The work plan of the DE4L project is divided into seven work packages whose respective goals are summarized below.

  1. Requirements analysis and evaluation
  2. Sensor data infrastructure
  3. DE4L platform
  4. Realization of application scenarios and services
  5. Business partner data management
  6. Business Models
  7. Distribution / Utilization

WP1: Requirements analysis and evaluation

  • Identification, analysis, specification and subsequent evaluation of technical, legal and organizational requirements in relation to the overall project

WP2: Scalable sensor data infrastructure

  • Conception and development of a scalable sensor data infrastructure for the efficient integration of structured or unstructured sensor data of mobile devices as well as the use of methods for the anonymization and data protection-preserving cleansing of sensor data
  • The results of the WP will be integrated into the DE4L platform (WP3)

WP3: DE4L platform for trading data-based logistics services

The goal is the prototypical development of a platform for trading data-based logistics services.

The following priorities are pursued:

  • Conception of the architecture and server infrastructure for the DE4L platform
  • Ensuring the transferability of the results to other platforms by close coordination with existing technical reference models (preparatory work INF, IML and International Data Space)
  • Development of safety mechanisms at the technical level based on the results of workshops

The results of work packages 2,4,5 and 6 will be integrated into the platform by the respective partners and made usable.

WP4: Prototypical realization of application scenarios and services

The goal of this WP is the prototype implementation of data-based services and application scenarios. The services have the primary objective of ensuring transparency over the transport route and the quality control of previously defined quality requirements.

For the creation of transparency in transport routes, especially on the last mile, the development of an identity management within the framework of this work package will take place. This will be complemented by the development of analytical and monitoring methods for package delivery work processes. The design and the prototypical realization are carried out in close coordination with the work packages 1 (requirements), 3 (DE4L platform) and 6 (business models) in order to adapt prototypes early to the requirements, the development of the platform and the business models. In addition, the partial results are discussed in the context of workshops and expert reports with lawyers, in order to adapt prototypes early to legal framework conditions, in particular to compatibility with the GDPR, and to ensure compliance with them. The results of the WP will be integrated into the DE4L platform (WP3).

WP5: Data-sovereign DLT-based business partner data management

Development of a data-sovereign DLT-based business partner data management that enforces data sovereignty and data protection. There are three main focuses:

  • Further development of PPRL methods for dirty data and missing attributes
  • Development of the overall concept of DLT, encryption, hashing and trusted linking unit
  • Development of distributed PPRL methods and 2-party protocols based on SMP Computation

The results of the WP will be integrated into the DE4L platform (WP3).

WP6: Business Models (Data Offer, Service Offer, Smart Contract)

The work package develops business models and associated methods for negotiation, description of data and value as well as payment mechanisms. For the development of business models, we are guided by the St. Gallen Business Model Navigator and the Cambridge Business Model Innovation Process. Overall, the work package pursues the following goals:

  • Integration of methods for describing data, purpose and rights
  • Methods of negotiating prices in DE4L and the value of data (e.g., automated auctions)
  • Development of negotiation mechanisms for logistics chains and multiple data providers
  • Development of the token-based payment mechanism based on smart contracts
  • Develop business models for added value on DE4L

The results of the WP will be integrated into the DE4L platform (WP3).

WP7: Dissemination, exploitation and project management

  • Ensuring the achievement of the project and utilization goals and their utilization, accompanying the public relations work and cooperation with relevant initiatives and projects