About DE4L

The DE4L project is pursuing the development of an intelligent ecosystem as part of a platform for data exchange for logistics service companies. This is to avoid high congestion on delivery vehicles, costs due to incorrect delivery and repeated delivery and pickup attempts. The so-called “last mile” of the supply chain, meaning the exact delivery and collection of parcels at the front door, offers a great deal of potential for increasing efficiency. With the platform DE4L strengthens the cooperation of the service companies and promotes the digitization of the information.

Kick-Off im Leipziger Logistics Living Lab am 29.08.2019
Kickoff in the Logistics Living Lab in Leipzig on 29 August 2019

How DE4L works

Increasing order, delivery and returns increase the need for package delivery services. The DE4L platform bundles data collected during postal delivery via sensors on bicycles, cars and people. These include u.a. Coordinates, noise, environmental, traffic, vibration, image and 3D video data. Thus, in addition to address data, all members of the platform are also provided with information about delivery routes, storage locations and consignment tracking. Furthermore, the data may also be used to evaluate e.g. Traffic volume and volume are involved.

Data protection is ensured by encrypting the data stored on the platform and controlling and logging it via a distributed ledger.

Duration: from August 2019 to December 2022