Project Partners

The project is carried out in cooperation with the following partners:

In addition, the collaboration takes place with the associated partners:

InfAI Management GmbH

InfAI Management GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute for Applied Computer Science e.V. at the University of Leipzig.
The task is the transfer of research and development results into marketable solutions. Its core competences are back / frontend development, mobile apps and big data analytics.
The project will incorporate IoT platform components from research and development work (especially from the Institute of Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Bogdan Franczyk) and industrial projects.
The focus is on sensor data integration and workflow control, taking into account data ownership (Business Privacy, including the BMBF project PREsTiGE). The recycling target is aimed at the platform as the core of ecosystems in Industry 4.0. Currently, INF works closely with industry consortia on IT platforms for the efficient design of smart energy ecosystems, error analysis and cause elimination in the production environment as well as for the optimization of logistics processes using the latest technologies.


Logo FOX

Since 1993, the Fox Courier GmbH (FOX) team has been transporting goods and documents to all parts of Germany and all over the world. Depending on the urgency, size and weight of the consignment, we selected the optimal transport variant. As an independent courier service provider, FOX Courier GmbH is a partner in the associations Overnight-Verbund EUROTOPLINE, ILONEXS and the franchise group IN tIME Direkt Kuriere.
The focus of FOX is on the coordination and transport of time-sensitive cargo and includes the areas of direct travel, procurement logistics, overnight service, hazardous goods transport, on-board courier, air charter and small animal transports.
FOX uses a broad partner network for this purpose, which i.a. includes an international express network for the transport of urgent documents overnight. In recent years, FOX has built numerous, long-standing relationships as a service partner to national and international customers from various industries. As a result, FOX has extensive experience in working with network partners and also knows about the problems in such network structures. These experiences are important input for a solution-oriented development of the objective.

Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics

Logo Fraunhofer IML

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund covers all questions relating to operational logistics including IT (about 250 employees, predominantly engineering).
The Fraunhofer IML contributes technological competences (in particular to data processing in logistics, software-as-a-service, cloud computing, sensor technology) and methodological competences (especially privacy engineering). The utilization is directed at the subsequent use and further development in industrial projects, the technology transfer in the middle class (IT-economy, logistics). The institute’s own showrooms and trade fair participations also serve this purpose.


UNISERV GmbH is an expert for successful data management.
Founded on July 1, 1969, the company’s success and continued growth have been based on a broad, high-performance software and consulting offering.
In its customer data management and data quality solutions for customer master data and transaction data, UNISERV combines data quality assurance and data integration into a holistic approach.
Customer and business partner data are at the center of initiatives for master data management, data quality, data migration and data warehousing, for example in the field of CRM applications, eBusiness, direct and database marketing, CDI / MDM applications and business intelligence.
With thousands of installations worldwide, UNISERV meets the expectation of a holistic solution for all business and customer data across the entire data lifecycle. Headquartered in Pforzheim, with offices in Paris, France, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the company employs more than 130 people and has numerous internationally and internationally renowned companies such as DPD, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, eBay, EDEKA, E.ON, France Telecom, Lufthansa, Otto, Siemens, Time Warner and TUI and VOLKSWAGEN among its customers.

Leipzig University / ScaDS

The partner University of Leipzig (ULE) is participating in the DE4L project with the AI competence centre “ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig”. The university has a strong IT department that cooperates with regional and supra-regional companies and organisations, which has also been demonstrated in recent years by a sharp increase in the number of applicants. Within the framework of ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig, the participating Leipzig professorships of computer science and business informatics have pooled their expertise. Prof. Rahm as scientific director of ScaDS.AI and the ScaDS.AI member Prof. Bogdan Franczyk significantly support the DE4L project with their competences in the field of data integration and data protection as well as logistics. In addition, the ScaDS.AI contributes comprehensive expertise in the matching of image-based data. The strategic interest of ScaDS.AI lies above all in the transfer into practice and the necessary adaptations of previous research activities to problems in practice.

Associated Partner


Timmi Logo

TiMMi is a take-off center for parcels and other deliveries. People who travel in a city become messengers for others who have no time or are restricted in their mobility to do their errands and transports themselves.
Thus, TiMMi is a virtual marketplace where transport orders of all kinds are organized quickly and easily. The success of the TiMMi platform is fueled by the development of new technologies that enable us to deliver an optimal user experience for a wide range of customer groups. Local businesses can offer their customers personalized delivery without having to invest in a costly distribution system. Individuals acting as principals can easily hand over everyday tasks (e.g., shopping) or exceptional supplies (e.g., carrying a piece of furniture) to other users. In return, the hauliers receive a reward for this – regardless of whether it’s as a cost allowance for private individuals or as an additional income for bicycle couriers. By utilizing unused transport capacities of people who are traveling anyway, an efficient and environmentally friendly approach to transport logistics is realized. The TiMMi business model is essentially a brokerage commission that is earned on the supplies.

Logistics Living Lab

LLL Logo

The Logistics Living Lab is an open space for innovation, demonstration and collaboration to meet the logistics challenges of tomorrow with innovative information systems and technologies. A systematic research process brings logistics players from industry, science and administration together to make the logistics of tomorrow more efficient, greener and safer.